Birth story

I wanted to share my birth story, but also to write down the memories for my own sake in the future. If you are a bit sqeemis, sensitive or not in for a long read, this post may not be for you, because my birth ended up been a bit intense and hard.

I all startet when my water broke early morning at 01.20 a friday, i thought that i had to pee and when i rolled over to get out of bed, i felt that i was leaking. At the second i stod up, my water just pored out like a fosset was opened.

I laughed a bit, while i tried to wake up my husband, because it felt like i was just pissing in my pant without any control. I have never seen a man get out of bed so fast before, and that just made me laugh more, and that just made the water come out faster, which made me laugh even more.

I called the midwife to let hospital know that my water broke, and we where told to stay at home, and sleep if we could, and if my contrations didn’t start with in a few hours, i should come to the hospital otherwise i should only come when the pain startet to bee to much.

So my husband went to sleep, and i stayed up because who can sleep while they are having constrations, but i did take a hot shower because after having kinda pissed down my legs, i felt like i needed a good clean, but the hot water also helped to manage the pain at the same time.

Around 07.30 i thought that it was time to go to the hospital, because my contractions where starting to get hard to manage on my own. When we came to the hospital i was examined and where already 3 cm open. We could go home if we wanted since we lived near the hospital, or we could stay in a birth room if i felt that i couldn’t manage the pain on my own at home.

So we stayed at the hospital, and i startet out with heating pads on my belly and electric plates on my back where i could control the current, to take focus of the contractions, because i wanted to use as little medicine as possible.

At noon the contrations where to intens, that i had to get morfin just to get some rest and sleep. While i was a sleep my husband went home to our dog and walked her, gave her som food and changed his clothes so that he was fresh and ready to receive a baby when he came back.

But we where not that lucky that our baby would come easy, not that child birth are easy, but i was starting to open slowly, and at 17.00 i was only 5 cm open and the midwife wanted to out me on some medicine to stimulate my contrations to help me, but that also meant that i was put on the epidural because the experience was that, the contrations could be unbearable. It was of course my own choice it i wanted the epidural or try other pain reliefs, but the experience was that if you didn’t take the epidural from the start, you would regret it because of the really intens pains it would give you.

So me and my husband agreed on the epidural, and it was the best thing i did, because it turned out that the baby was looking up in my pelvis, instead of down so the had to give it some time to she if the baby rotated by its self. Luckily the baby turned on its own, but i was stille not quite there yet to push, so i was given af few more hours, also to see if the baby would come all the way down in my pelvis, because it was only in the top of it.

But at 03 on Saturday morning, i was told i was 10 cm open and that the would stop the medicine i was given so i could feel the contrations and start pushing. So i pushed and pushed and nothing happened, the baby would not go down and i was starting to get really tired.
The next step for the midwife was then to put a suction cup type of thing on the babys head, to help pull it out while i was pushing. And that was a unpleasant thing to go through, my husband described the tools as gigant gynecologist tools, when you go to a regular checkup (we have been in fertility treatment, so my husband has seen a lot more gynecologist, then a husband probably should).

And i was only told they would try this method, i was not given a warning for when they started to insert the tools, and they inserted the tools while i was having a contration, so the pain was unbelievable and i screamed a lot.
They tried 2 different cups, and that meant i had to go through the pain twice, which i think gave my husband scares for his life, to just hear me cry and scream at the midwife and not be able to do anything.

When the suction didn’t work, i was told that they needed to get me to the operations room to get an emergency C-section, because the baby needed to come out, and it wasn’t going to happen naturally, and since my contrations have been going on since friday morning, they couldn’t wait any more.

But what they didn’t told me right away, was that the baby had come down/out a tiny bit when they used the suction, and therefore needed to push the baby back up in my pelvis for the operation. So suddenly the midwife says that she needs to push the baby back up, and just pushed away, and again the pain was so unimaginable that i screamed even more, which i can only imagine for my husband was the worst thing he had ever heard in his life.

I was prepped and my husband was sitting next to my, while they performed the C-section, it went quick and fast and was not as scary as i think it could’ve been. But i had also not slept for 24 hours i think and at that point i was ready to sleep anywhere, and where just ready also to get this baby out no matter what.

The operation went perfectly, thank god, and at 07.42 Saturday morning we got to see and hold our little girl in our arms.

I was told after by the doctor who performed the surgery that, i could have pressed all that i wanted, and the midwife could have pulled all that she wanted, but our girl would not have been able to come out, because she had starting to look up in my pelvis, instead of looking down at her own chest as a baby normally does to get out. My pelvis needed at least 6 cm more for her to come out, because of the position she had.

So all in all, after 30 hours or so of contrations, we got our baby girl, and she was the most beautiful 3.9 kg and 52 cm long baby in the world, as every parent thinks of their own child.

But i gotta say, after the 30 hours, and all the pain and screams, im a bit choked about child birth, and if we are thinking about a second child at some point in the future, im a bit hesitant unless i can get a planned C-section, because the experience was so intens and scarring mentally for me, but also for my husband.