When you're pregnant, you can develop all kinds of aches and pains.

I have luckily not suffered from the big things, and my body have taken the pregnancy as well as it can be expected, but i do have some cramps in my legs, and i have som lower back pains some times.

So i have been recommended something called Rebozo by my midwife and friends, its an old form of natural pain relief, and can also be used to start your birth, if you passes your due date and you can use it also when your not pregnant for simple pain relief, but often you will hear about it connected to birth og pregnancy.

You can find some informations about Rebozo here:

So i booked a time, for me and my husband, i thought it would be a good thing to do try/learn for the birth as a pain management tool, so i found a clinic there also offers the option that your partner/birth partner can come, so they can learn it as well.

And even though my midwife can provide the rebozo service during labor as well, she will not bee there all the time, so when i need or want some shaking to take the pain, and she is not there, my husband can help, then he also can have a part of the birth besides just see me in pain and get he’s hand crushed.

So we spent a little over an hour at the clinic, where we where shown different exercises for different pains, and we where also shown one there could start the birth, since i was close to my due date, and it wasn’t looking like the baby wanted to follow the date from the midwife.

But when it came to my birth, i/we didn’t use the exercises, i was so focused on breathing and looking beyond the pain from contraction to contraction, that i totally forgot that we could try the exercises we learnt, and at the same time my contrations ended up being so intense, that i needed medication to get through it.

But i don’t regret that we went and learned Rebozo, because it can be used for general pain relief as well, and after the birth, there will be days where my body is sore and stressed.

If you have any experience with alternative pain relief, your are welcome to share and inspire in the comments.

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