Pregnancy and exercise

If you have been following my blog for a little while, or seen my instagram, then you now that i have been lifting weights for the past year or 2, beside my ‘‘normal’’ exercise routines.

When i got pregnant some of my thoughts went to my workout right away, in the sense of could i keep doing fitness, or should i stop with everything. Because now one knows how your body reacts when you get pregnant.

Luckily i have not suffered from the big things you can, when you are pregnant, i do have some small pains in my back sometimes, but since a baby is growing in my belly that is to be expected.
And i have been tiered, so there have been weeks where there was no activity from my side.

I am not educated in the health system, og have any fitness degrees so if you have specifik concerns about, health and pregnancy, i advise you to go to your doctor, but i do have the opportunity to give you my experiences.

What workouts to keep doing?:

Basically you can do all the exercises your body is used to do. When your body is used to working out, your muscles are trained, and your body knows what to do. I do not recommend starting up any new heavy or hard workouts, so don’t go training for an ironman, or start lifting if you have never lifted before.

I do remember my fitness instructor and midwife telling me, that at some point your abdominal muscles will split, because the baby is going to be pushing them apart as it grows, so its not recommended to train the straight muscles after week 14 in your pregnancy, so you don’t make the split worse or make it happen unnaturally.

If you are used to working out, you can keep your normal rutine to some extent, but do listen to your body, because if things get too much, slow down, or stop doing what ever exercise your are doing. When i was about 6 weeks pregnant, i lifted as normal, but i got lightheaded super easy, so i took weight of the bar and went from 77 Kg to 40 Kg in my lifts, and didn’t do as many reps as normal after that, and that helped a lot, and i kept lifting until i was 20 weeks pregnant, until my body said that it was time to slow down and stop.

If you are not the big fitness goer like me, then a simple walk with the dog, your partner, friend or alone is just as great to do. You are out in the fresh air, you are using your body, and getting all the benefits.
If you haven’t done much exercise, a thing you can try is yoga, there are special pregnancy classes, and an active body no matter how little og much active you are, can give you an easier pregnancy and birth.

Swimming is also something you can do, just splashing around in the water, or again with a pregnancy class, it can give you great relief if your belly are getting heavy, to take som strain of your legs and back, and again the exercise is good for the body overall.

My fitness changes:

So i kept lifting until i was about 20 weeks pregnant, with small adjustments during the weeks.

For cardio instead of going on the treadmill or running, i startet to use the bicycle in the gym on low settings, so i wouldn’t over do it, but still get my pulse up.

I have a dog, so i do walk daily with her, some days when my baby is heavy or my back hurts, we go for several small walks, but on the days where i don’t feel the pregnancy, i can easily go for a 4 km walk, so find your own speed, and make adjustments along the weeks of your pregnancy, so you don’t do anything to hurt you or your baby.

And lately i have startet to swim, instead of going to the gym, because i can feel that the belly are getting in the way for the weights, and my back are starting to feel the strain of the weights, and growing baby.

I hope this could help a little bit if your are wondering, if you should keep doing exercise or switch things up a bit. If you have any tips og tricks you are welcome to share in the comments below.

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