Pregnancy and diet

I wanted to make this post as a little followup, to my pregnancy and exercise post. Again im not trained in the health system, or have a fitness education, so this is just my experiences and what i have talked to my midwife and doctor about.


Often when you workout, you follow a diet, the goal could be to lose weight, shred fat, or get more lean. And when you get pregnant, there are a few things to think about.

If you are trying to loose weight, you need to stop that, your body is going to need all the nutrients you have, to start making the baby. And if you loose too much weight, it can effect your pregnancy and baby.

To some extent it can be fine to stay lean, and shred you body fat, or at least mind what you eat, so you keep your shape. But do have in mind, that you body is creating a little human, and needs important vitamins and minerals to function and develop a healthy baby.

And there will be a point, where you want or need to eat more than normal, because of the extra work the body is doing. So your weight will go up, but you do have a chance to control how much to some extent.


It goes with out saying, that fresh food, vegetables and fruits, are a good thing to eat while pregnant, and drinking a lot of water, but also while you exercise. You can get a lot of natural vitamins through your food.

And hold back the caffeine, so no energy drinks, and a minimum of coffee and tea. I was told max of 4 cups a day of coffee or tea with caffeine. But i decided to cut it out totally, and only drank tea there had no caffeine, and the coffee was easy to cut, because i have never liked that.

During my pregnancy, i often used proteinbars as a snack, a good way to get protein, but also to control your macros, or what efter system you are using to track your intake.

A lot og strawberries and cucumber have been consumed, its an easy snack to have with you on the road, or in your lunch.

I have stayed away from some cheeses, because moldy cheeses are not recommended to eat while pregnant.

Otherwise i have eaten as i normally would, and just tried not to over do it the the sweets department when a craving came along. Or at least try to find healthier options, to try and manage my weight and what i eat.

And so far i have only put on 13 Kg at 29 weeks pregnant, and according to my doctor and midwife, that’s pretty standart, so im happy about that.

But again this is just what have worked for me during my pregnancy, and what i have talked to my health provider about, so if there are any concerns talk to your health provider, but i would say, with sensible moderation, you don’t have to change that much about you diet.

I would like to know if you had any cravings during your pregnancy, if you want to share, you are welcome to leave a comment below.

Pregnancy and exercise