Body butter vs body yogurt

Body butter vs body yogurt

The body shop is where i mostly buy all of my beauty products, im a big fan and this is not a sponsored post, i just want to give my opinion on some of there products.

I have tried their new body yogurt, their new moisturizer. And i have tried it out for a few months now, i am using every moisturizer i have in the house, since i got pregnant, because my body just dries up easily.

So i thought that i would give my differences of the to products.

Vanilla marshmallow body butter

Vanilla marshmallow body butter

The Body Butter:

So the butter is the original mousturaizer that bodyshop came out with. Its a nice thick creme, and you can get in almost every range they have.

It sinks nicely in to the skin, but since it is a thicker creme it can take a little while, so when i put it on my legs i always wait a few minutes before i take pants or tights on. Otherweise it can feel like the creme is still on my skin and it can feel like your dragging the crem around with the pants. 

Not that im forcing my husband to use any of the products, but i have asked him what he thinks, because one of the advantages of being pregnant, is a lot of back massages and that is where his oppinion comes in.

But surprisingly he likes the butter, there are a few of the ranges, where he dont like the smell, but oviesly no one likes everything, but he feels that the butter is easyer to work with on the skin, because it takes a few minutes to sink in, and hes hands dosnt feel dry after the massage.

So the conclusion is, we like the body butter.

Moringa body yogurt

Moringa body yogurt

The Body Yogurt:

I like the yogurt, because it sinks in to the skin so much faster than the butter, i can put it on my legs and after, what feels like seconds i can put pants or tights on, without feeling im dragging the creme around.

But the consistansy is a bit wierd, because it sinks in so fast, its also more runny, the creme is really thin, and you can almost tip the jar, and see it run out, somehow i dont like that, it makes it feel wet and clammy until its has sinked in the skin. 

Again the have the yugurt in several ranges, so you can get it in different smells. 

But my husband actually dont like the yogurt, he thinks it dryes out hes hands when he have used it to massage me, so he avoids to use it.

So regading the yogurt, i like it but my faveorite will be the butter, and my husband dont like the yogurt. 

Do you have a preferance of the two? leave a comment with your experiences. 

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