Big changes in 2019

2018 was a super stressfull year. And this post is probably about 3 months late, but when life gives you a steep hill to climb, your need to slow down, and take it one step at the time.

2018 started with my dad having 2 emergency operations, luckily it all went good, and he had a correction operation just before christmas with means he is now over all that, and can enjoy he’s retirement days.

But at the same time, my husband and i, had started a fertility treatment, because after 3 years we had to admit that, if we want a child we where going to need help.

So i went on a lot of medication all year, and it was heavy, it took a lot out om me mentally and i got really sick in periods because of the medication.

But i was all worth it, all the needles in my thigh and drives to the clinic, because now we are expecting a little girl in august, so i am 5 months pregnant at this point, and i love it, but i am also scared for all the parenting things that comes with it, and to see how out dog takes it, that suddenly there is this thing in the house, that screams and farts all the time.

Its also gonna be exciting to see how we are as parents, because right now we have all of these ideas and opinions on how we will do things, but can you ever really be ready to be a parent?

Fitness can change life.

Fitness can change life.