Fitness can change life.

Fitness can change life.

For the past 3 years, i have gone to the gym regally. It was not with a purpose to lose weight, or become a bodybuilder, but to improve my health, because after being hit with stress and a what feels like a minor depression, i also needed to find something that could help me turn my brain of once and a while, and if a few punds was going away in the process i wouldn't mind that. 

It was mostly so i wouldn't feel bad when, i sat at home on a friday night with a homemade burger and fries, or where out with friends for drinks. 

But then something changed inside me, i suddenly couldn't stop going to the gym, if i have a week where i can't go a least once, i will get a sense of restlessness, and i dont have that calm feeling i my body. 

Instead of working out, with no purpose, i signed up for at membership at, and this is not a an add, but i knew that they had a ton of programs that i will be able to use, and they can be used as many times as i want to.

Squat bar.jpg

So i came across one program called Uplifted, with Meg Squats, and its the best thing that have ever happened to me, at least in my fitness journey. Uplifted is in a few words a powerlifting program, so its designed to make you STRONG.

As a girl, who was always bullied with her weight, it has taken me many years to get comfortable with my own body. I know i will never be a swimsuit model, but i shouldn't feel depressed either when i look in the mirror, or are trying clothes on.

I have been following the Uplifted program for 6 weeks, and i gotta say i have gotten a boost in my confidence. I still have my bad days, where im just not happy with my body, and want to disappear, but getting in to lifting, has giving me hope for my body, because when you lift, its okey to have curves, because the big thighs you see they can lift 132 pounds, and the bulks on the arms can bench 60 pounds.

So im staying positive, and will keep doing my thing, and i hope i can inspire some of you to do your thing also.

If you would like a post, on my fitness accessories/equipment/rutine, please leave a comment, and i will get on that.   

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