Dot creates

Dot creates

So i found a new page you guys should check out.

It a small business called Dot Creates, its owned by a woman named Danielle, and she designes the products her self, and that is something you can see in the products.
The products are basically blogger items, so that you can get more organized and produktive.

I bought a few pieces, just to see what it was, and the quality of them, and i just love finding new special shops to get unique items from.

The first thing i want to show, is a planner book, its not a planner in the traditional sense, because its undated and a containing pages where you can wright your content.

Upcoming events.jpg

There is a spot for upcoming events, that page will come every after every 10 page, so if you have sponsored content theres an option to keep track om that to. 
Otherwise its just the main pages, and some quotes some times.  

main pages.jpg

If you dont want a big book, because there is 192 pages to write on, you can also get af notepad, its builded like the main pages, but there is not as many lines to write on. 
I use the notepad as a supplement for the book, so if im making a long post, i can use extra pages from the pad instead of the book.


Over all i think the products are great, the paper fells a bit smooth, so i thought the first time i would write on them, the ink would bleed trough, but it didn't, which was waesome.

I like the font, and that is all Danielle, i like the layout of the pages in the planner, and the pad, but i could wish for some more lines, but i make it work, so not that big of a deal for me.

The last thing i bought, was some stickers. you get 1 sheet, and i think thats a small amount, i was expecting a least 2 sheets, but the quality of the stickers is great, the are pretty and sits nice on paper, the dont fall of or anything like that, they stay in place.


her website where you can get your hands os these goodies is:

I hope you enjoy your products if you get some, i sure do.

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