Fun ''work'' day.

Fun ''work'' day.

So once a year, we have an entire day, where we have a team building day.

We have what you can call an academically lecture, and then we have some fun. Because the entire point of the day, is to have fun, an to be with the colleagues in an other way then normal.

So we where this year in a place called Lynet.

Its an old Scouthouse there has been renovated, and there has been builded additional houses, so you can overnight, if you want an weekend out of town.

It was a pretty place and is was really isolated, and it turned out that they had deers. So it was just a spot where you could get some nice peace and quiet.

So we started with brunch, eegs, bacon, pancakes, you name it, and i think i was there. After that we had our lecture, and then there was some games, and the most fun one, was the water ballon sling, and you can guess what happened to the rest of the ballons. Lots of wet people.

After all the fun, we had dinner, a roast grilled, potatoes, and salad, and i think its awesome that our team leaders took the time to do this for us. They had decorated the tables, made sure we didn't ran out of anything. We didn't have any help regarding food the entire day, It was all made from our wonderful and patient leaders. 

My OOTD was very casual and simple, i had som sweatpants ons, a tanktop and a shirt, i twas suitable for the games we played, and lose so it wouldn't be too hot. And i had chosen right, because the weather was high sun and little wind. 

But all an all a great day with great people, and the best part, we are going to di it all again next year. 

Pacifiers on a tree

Pacifiers on a tree

Wine cork stamp.