Rudest woman ever.

I've just come home after my evening walk with my dog, and i have just met the rudest woman ever.

We where on our way home, me and my dog, and the lady came by with her dog on the same trail, and her dog where without a leash, but i dont like that so much, unless they can handle there dog.
but my dog is very shy, and i always have her in a leash, because i'am a where that she might not come when i call her back.

But never mind that, the dogs met, and i looked closely at the dogs, and after a few seconds, my dog went over to the lady, because she is not that keen on new dogs.
And i told that to the lady, because i could see that my dog was looking more for human contact, than been sniffed at.

Then the lady said that, im the reason for that. 

In my mind, my jaw dropped, because i dont know her, and she doesn't know me, and how did she dare say that to me.

Im not that type of person, theres good at confrontations, and her husband where walking a few seconds behind her, and i just didn't want to be rude.

But here is why im so mad, and what the lady didn't know, because if she did, she may have thought twice about her choice of words, and chose to bee kind instead.

A few months after i got my dog home, it was around new years eve 2012. We where out on our evening walk, before all the fireworks starts.

I was living in a apartment at that time, so when we came out from our complex, some people came out a bit later than us, from another apartment.

And they had a dog, who was not in a leash, and thats why i hate people, there can't handle there dog without a leash, but that dog, just ran with all its power, over to me and my dog, and started chasing my dog around me, to that point where she couldn't move and started howling for safety.

They had a full grown english bulldog, and i had a little 5 months old labrador, so imagine the heart breaking sound she made.

So i yeld at the people, that they should get there dog out of the way, and since that day, my dog haven't been very keen on dogs she dont know.

I let her meet the ones we meet on our walks, with owner permission of cause, and others ask me if the dogs can meet, and after a little chat people get why she is nervous, and want human contact over dogs.

But the situation today, was just not okay, because its not my fault she doesn't feel completely safe, i show her every time we meet another dog, thats its safe, i sit close to her, i talk to the other dogs and her, and i have my sweet little voice on, to compliment her on how good she is. 

So lady if you read this, which you probably dont, but you where in the wrong today, not me.

Sorry for my little outburst, but i just had to tell my story, and let you all know,

CHOSE TO BE KIND, and of you dont know all the facts, be careful of what you say please.

Erin Condren notebook/journals

Erin Condren notebook/journals

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