Social anxiety ore just introvert, they look alike but are not the same.

Pernonaly i like to in my own place, in that way that after a week with work, i need to charge on my own terms.
And when its time for grocery shopping, i like to do it out side of the most busy times, becuase if there are to many people i can get overwhelmed, and get tiny panic attacks.

Therefor i also minimize what i go to of partys and other social arrangements. During school i didn't go to a lot of partys, and was mostly just my self with a few close friends.

When i go out i do have a great time, but i go to the bathroom a lot, and not just to pee but to be alone and to gather my thoughts, and calm down and in that way stop any panic signs, if it gets to much for me, i am the first to go home, because im not fun be around if it all gets to much.

Many confuses been introvert with an anti social behavior, but is to different things, even if they have some of the same symptoms.
I always thought that i was a social misfit, because i just didn't want to be around that many people, and didn't want to go to partys, and because of that, i got bullied a lot, and until i will reach a breaking point.

I have on that point always been a little jealous of my sister, because she is a very outgoing person, and can alway make new friends wherever she is. I was with her a few days before christmas, and saw just how quiet i am around new people, one said that if i was just half the fun as her, i would get along with the others just fine.
And it was a eyeopener, because the only thing i thought was, that i wasn't, so it have made me try to open up to new people, and not stay in my own world and mind.

I think im getting better at it, but if not that i also okey, because i do have friends, and i do talk to people, and i like being me. 

Sugar body scrub.

Sugar body scrub.

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