A Dog with allergies.

I have a lovly labrador, she is 4 years, and the most happiest and sweet dog.

But about 2 years ago, she startede to have a severe allergic reaction, to what i didn't know, so i went to the veterinarian, and had som test done.

It turned out that she has, house dust mite and storage mite allergies. With resultet in my dog always itching, ear infections and los of hair.
I was told to starte giving her allergic food, without grain, and as natural a possible.

but it didn't help, she was still very itchy and the ear infections was still coming one and a while. 

So i startede to give her home made food, like potatoes, veggies and horse meat. It was of course in guidance with the veterinarian, because you should alway consult one before doing anything, when it come to health and medicine.

She startet to get better, the itching came down, and i godt some special ear drops for when her ears, got infected and it work så good.

But still every 3 to 4 months, i would have to go back to the the itching under control, af that much medicin can take its mark om everybody, human ore animal, especially after 1 1/2 years.

So now she is trying some different medicine, and it should not be that hard on her, and its easier to give her with her food.

And it have worked wonders, her itchiness is to a minimum, there haven't been a ear infection since, and her fur is getting thicker.

It has been a long and expensive proces, but im glad that i went thru it because now i can manage it and, give her the life she deserves.


Salt scrub for hands and feet.